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1. Music Appreciation Through The Ages (10-20 weeks)

    Exploring music through history: how in ancient times it was used as communication in lieu of written language through our       current experience of music. We would use simple instruments (shakers, kazoos, drum sticks etc…) to emphasize different           styles. We would explore different chord structures and how they are used and have evolved. 

  • We could learn songs from different countries and cultures and make a show representing that. For example for younger grades we could learn lullabies or Alphabet songs from around the world to perform.

  • For older grades we can learn the most popular songs from different time periods and learn about why they were necessary. For example we can discuss how the specific struggles of a society affect it’s music, ie. what are the differences in the popular song choices in USA during wartime and times of peace. Each time period has a specific style songs were sung, so we could explore these differences and have a ton of fun. This type of show could have a song from each decade of the late 19th/20th Century (Big Band, Jazz, Gershwin, Folk, Americana, Rock-A-Billy, Rock&Roll, Pop, Acapella, Hip Hop etc…)


2. Hamilton History Lesson (4th or 5th Grade only) (6-10 weeks)

    Learning the music of Hamilton to further the lessons in the 4th Grade History Book. The material is pretty advanced; but     

    it does fit in perfectly with the 4th Grade curriculum. We could simplify it a bit to accommodate the 4th Grade, but not much,       so that would have to be considered. The rehearsals would end in a choreographed performance, utilizing the music of               Hamilton (in child-appropriate keys, without the lyrics) so the kids can really feel like they are performing Hamilton.


3. Beatles and Beyond (10-20 weeks)

    We would explore the history of pop music starting with the music of the Beatles - who their influences were, and how did           they change the landscape of music to this day, including some of the students favorite current stars (Ariana Grande, Taylor       Swift, Maroon 5 etc..). 

    We would end the session with a choreographed Beatles themed show.

4. Improv/Acting Class (10-100 weeks)  



    This class does not have music, the students would learn the tenets of Improv, and the class would culminate in an

    Improv Troupe Style performance. Students would learn/practice:

  •     How to think on your feet. 

  •     How to react quickly.

  •     How to problem solve effectively. 

  •     How to work as a team, including  giving focus where it is appropriate, “saving” your classmates when needed, and always     making your teammates feel supported.

  •     How to say “Yes! And…” (instead of “no”)


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