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School Enrichment

Disney Class (Kindergarten - 1st Grade)

For our youngest students we learn songs from Disney shows that are simple and repetitive so they can learn the material along with basic choreography for each song. This class focuses on teaching kids to regulate their emotions, control their impulses, work as a team and embrace their creativity. 


Harlem Renaissance  (2nd - 3rd Grade)

This class focuses on the music created right here in NYC in the 1910’s and 1920’s. Each class session is centered on a musician who lived in NYC to further their music careers, sometimes against all odds. We learn songs from Fats Waller, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong and the stories of these amazing people.


Beatles and Beyond (4th-5th grade)

In this class we explore the history of pop music with the music of The Beatles - who their influences were, and how did they change the landscape of music to this day, influencing some of the students favorite current stars. In this class we discuss the nature of “fame” vs “accomplishment” (Beatlemania) and how their lives and circumstances helped create their ever-changing music. The classes learn between 5-7 Beatles songs to be performed.


The Broadway Class (3rd - 5th Grade)

In this class we teach the students about Broadway - one of our true American art forms. 

The students will learn songs from different Broadway musicals from the past and present. 

In addition to learning songs, we will learn choreography and the “story” behind each show. 

This class can be adapted to include a selection of Broadway shows or to focus on songs/scenes from one chosen show. In this class we will learn some interesting things about each song, show and composer we are learning, and the kids will learn group singing as well as opportunities for solo singing.


Hamilton History Lesson (5th Grade + only)

Learning the music of Hamilton to further the lessons in the 4th Grade History Book.

The rehearsals would end in a choreographed performance, utilizing the tracks from the broadway show that have been modified into child-friendly keys, so the kids can really feel like they are performing Hamilton.

The Beatles Class

PASSWORD: beatles

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
& School Of Rock



Schyuler Sisters/My Shot

Ten Duel Commandments

You'll Be Back


Room Where It Happened


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